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The Series-22 Quarter-Turn Dia-Cam valve is a high flow capacity pinch valve. Designed for hard-to-handle fluids specially slurries. The valve interior consists of fabric reinforced elastomeric or PTFE lined Diaphragm Spool.the only wetted component of the valve.

Two opposing gear driven cams, contain in a flanged split vinylester-fibreglass body, act on the Diaphragm Spool, providing flow control over the entire 90 degrees of valve stem travel. The vale exhibits negligible pressure drop in the open position and bubble-tight closure even around solids in the closed position.

Where solids in the slurry make operation of the other types of valves, such as ball, plug and butterfly valves, extremely problematic, the Series-22 Dia-Cam valve is ideally suited for slurries since there are no "dead zones" in the valve internals.


  • Flow-thru design, no "dead zones"
  • Only ONE wetted component
  • No flange gaskets required
  • On-off or flow control service
  • Lever detent assembly for manual operations
  • Actuated with any Quarter-Turn pneumatic or electric control package
  • Corrosion-resistant vinyl ester-fiberglass construction
  • Molded-in steel inserts for flange bolts and actuator mounting bolts
  • Face-to-Face dimensions per ANSI B16.10, Class 150


Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines, Tailings
Flotation cells, Thickner / Clarifier underflow Cyclone Control / Isolation
Dew watering / Sludge disposal
Lime Transfer / Abrasive Corrosive Chemicals
Power stations / Fly Ash / Bottom Ash
Mineral Sands / Gravel / Cemen
Pneumatic Conveying / Dry Hoppers
Water/Waste Water/Sewage/Effluent
Inks / Blood / Food / Wine / Beverages / Pulp / Paper / Starch

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