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The RHINOFLEX "SERIES RFI-F" In-Line Check Valves are designed to fit right inside the pipe. No valve body is required. These valves require no external power source or mechanical components to operate, unlike conventional Check Valves.

This feature not only saves money but also permits installation in otherwise difficult situations such as tank outlets, floor drains, and sewer interceptors; overflow systems, retention basins and manhole outlets.

This flexible valve prevents flow from occurring in the reverse direction. It will eliminate costly backflow from oceans, rivers, or storm water and is the ideal valve for effluent diffuser systems.

SERIES RFI-F fits directly inside the pipe and is secured in place by an expandable clamp ring made of stainless steel.

Note: SERIES RFI valves have increased pressure drop because the valve must be smaller to fit inside the pipe. Actual maximum flow area is less than 25% of nominal pipe area.


  • Low head loss in direction of flow
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Prevents backflow
  • Self Cleaning
  • Withstands wear
  • Quiet operation

Available Elastomers

Standard construction utilizes a natural gum rubber inner tube reinforced with polyester cords with a multi-resistant Neoprene outer cover.

Neoprene is also commonly used for the inner tube in sewage applications.

Other elastomers are available but are not normally required for applications where this style of valve would be used.

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