RHINOFLEX Replacement Sleeves

Replacement Sleeves

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Rhinoflex can manufacture sleeves for all popular pinch valve brands and pressure ratings.

The HEART of the Rhinoflex range of pinch valve is the rubber sleeve, which is the only wetted part. These sleeves are built by hand, with layers of various rubbers, and reinforcement with polyester, steel wire or even Kevlar. These will close 100% bubble tight even on solids. Rhinoflex replacement sleeves will outlast the original sleeves because of the high quality of materials used and the expert construction it is made by.

With a wide range of elastomers RHINOFLEX can manufacture sleeves to a pressure of 40 bar, and temperatures of 160 degrees centigrade. Sleeves can be built with beaded ends or flanged (with all drilling patterns). Full bore, variable orifice, funnel sleeve are some of the options that can be manufactured. The sleeve is self-cleaning and will flake and wash off any scaling that builds up, during operation.

Rhinoflex sleeves can be ordered with opening tags to ensure positive opening if closed for long periods.

Please contact Rhinoflex to discuss replacing your current sleeves , to get much better wear life on all your demanding applications.

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